Wildlife Abounds!  

Along with the salmon we all love to catch, the Kenai Peninsula abounds with moose, bear, eagles and other wildlife as well.  The images on this page were taken in the area around the Russian River Campground over the course of a few seasons. 

Respect for wildlife is important--always observe from a safe distance.  The sighting of these animals can be a truly awe inspiring experience, but please act responsibly--we wouldn't want to see any of our guests (human or animals) get hurt!  If you spot a bear or moose in or near one of our facilities, we'd appreciate it if you would let a manager or camp host know about it, even if it has already left the area.

The links below provide tips on dealing with animal encounters:

      Alaska Department of Natural Resources - Bears and You (safety)
      Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Fishing with Bears (regulations)
      Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Moose Safety (good do's and don'ts)
      Kachemak Heritage Land Trust - Living in Harmony with Moose